Programs & Fueling Options

At Midwest Fuels we offer many different Fueling & Payment options for our customers. Whether you are a residential customer or business owner we are confident that we have a program that can help you save money and make dealing with your fueling needs more convenient. Click on a program below to learn more:

Auto Fill

Many of our residential customers receive their fuel supply through our Auto-Fill Program. Deliveries are scheduled based on historical usage patterns and prevailing weather conditions. When your tank level is calculated to have around 20% volume remaining, our dispatch professionals schedule the delivery.

Budget Plan

The Midwest Fuels Budget Plan gives our customers the option of spreading your propane costs Based on your account history, we estimate the amount of fuel you will use for the year and calculate the cost using the same competitive price that you are accustomed to with Midwest Fuels.

We divide that total cost by 12 to arrive at a monthly installment fee.

We set up an electronic funds transfer on your bank account that will withdraw the payment on the 15th or 25th of every month, you don’t have to do a thing!

This creates many customer advantages:

  • By taking part in this program your account will be serviced on a regular basis by our delivery personnel. We will top off your tanks without you having to monitor your tank level and call us. No chance you will run out of fuel and incur expensive emergency trip charges.
  • You need not worry about keeping track of bills, writing checks, and postage. Your bill will always be paid and up to date.
  • Best of all, your fuel bill is spread across the entire year making the impact on your budget predictable and manageable. No stress, no worries.
  •  Those customers with a remaining balance due to higher than normal heating costs this past season have the option to take that existing balance and roll it into this coming season’s budget plan.


On-Site Fleet/Equipment Fueling

At Midwest Fuels we provide on-site fueling directly into trucks and equipment for the construction and transportation industries. This service allows the customer to have fueling performed on their property or construction site without the need for costly tanks and dispensing equipment, saving valuable time and dollars. Call today and discover how Midwest Fuels’ On-Site Fueling Program can help you increase profits and fleet productivity.

On-Site Fueling creates many customer advantages:

  • Increase your fleet’s efficiency
  • Turn time spent refueling into productive, profit generating, on the job time
  • Eliminate drive time to refueling sites or truck stops
  • No more waiting in line at the pumps
  • Full utilization of driver’s hours of service
  • Fleet equipment starts everyday ready to go

Midwest Fuels’ On-Site Fueling Service will help you realize an increase in fleet efficiency, productivity and bottom line profits by eliminating non-productive labor and equipment operating time.

Midwest Fuels’ On-Site Fueling crew will refuel your fleet or equipment during your off-duty hours. When your drivers and operators report for work at the beginning of a shift the vehicles are ready to go. Unproductive time spent traveling to the fueling site and waiting in line at the fuel pump is eliminated and converted to productive profit generating time on the job. Time is money.

In addition to the savings realized by increased efficiency and productivity the need for expensive storage tanks and dispensing equipment is eliminated freeing valuable business capitol. Your only fuel inventory investment is in the fuel tanks of your fleet. Fuel shrinkage and misuse of company credit cards is eliminated.

To assist you in your record keeping and cost analysis Midwest Fuels will provide you with an easy to read delivery receipt each time we refuel your fleet. The delivery receipt will show the date and time of delivery, your vehicle identification number and the gallons delivered into each vehicle.


Midwest Fuels makes every effort to offer our local farmers and businesses with flexibility when it comes to competitive prices and contracts. We accommodate our customers with the ability to lock in spring, summer, and fall fuel contracts throughout the year to provide stability in an ever-changing, volatile market..

Prepay LP

Our Prepay/Budget Propane plan allows customers to prepay for the product they are expecting to use for the year at a fixed price. Prices are typically locked in between July & August of each year.

Propane Referral Program

Earn a $50 credit for every friend, neighbor, co-worker, or family member you refer to us!

Our Midwest Fuels propane referral program rewards those who send us new business! When the customer you refer signs up for one of our propane programs and leases a Midwest Fuels tank, you are entitled to $50 in propane bucks!

That’s right! We will credit $50 to your account for each person who signs on as a full service customer.

As our valued customer, we hope you’ll participate in our customer referral program. We look forward to serving you and your friends and neighbors for many years to come.

Note: Referral customers are subject to credit approval. Minimal Usage Required. Midwest Fuels reserves the right to end this offer at any time. Restrictions may apply. Contact Midwest Fuels for complete details

Fuel at the Pump

Midwest Fuels offers on road fuel at the pump in both Sparta & Tomah, WI. Supplying discounted fuel for a wide range of fuel users from single car divers to large trucking fleets, we offer easy in and out access to fuel at the pump. Diesel Exhaust Fluid is also available.