Residential Propane

For over 30 years Midwest Fuels has been serving local residents by providing propane to homes in area communities.


As a local family owned business, we truly care about providing the very best service at a competitive price.

Whether you have your own tank or you need to lease a tank from us, Midwest Fuels has trained professionals that will schedule and fill your propane tanks in a safe, economical and timely manner. We offer the following flexible programs:


Many of our residential customers receive their fuel supply through our Auto-Fill Program.  Deliveries are scheduled based on historical usage patterns and prevailing weather conditions.  When your tank level is calculated to have around 20% volume remaining, our dispatch professionals schedule the delivery.

Budget Plan

The Budget Plan is designed to help you manage your energy costs by spreading your winter heating cost over the entire year resulting in a consistent more manageable monthly payment.

Pre-Pay LP

We offer a “Pre-Pay discount” for customers that would like to lock in a price of propane for the upcoming season. Pre-pay offerings are available between August 1st & September 31st each year. Call today for the current prepay offering!

Auto-Pay (EFT)

For your convenience, you can choose to have your payments automatically deducted from your bank account to save you both time and money.

Summer Fill

Help us get ahead of the winter weather and fill your tank in the summer at a discounted rate. Call the office today for summer-fill pricing!

Propane Referral

Our Midwest Fuels propane referral program rewards those who send us new business! When the customer you refer signs up for one of our propane programs and leases a Midwest Fuels tank, you are entitled to $100 in propane bucks! Click Here for more information

How to read your tank gauge

The maximum fill on a propane tank is  80% allowing for the expansion of the propane vapor. We recommend that you call us when your gauge reads around 20%. Click the image to the right to learn more!

All fees are up front and found in our assessed fee section below (click to expand).

$35 less than minimum delivery (200 gallon minimum)
$200 unscheduled same day delivery
$300 unscheduled weekend or holiday delivery
$75 line check fee if tank is empty

$100 – tank rent if less than 200 gallons utilized annually